Oh, women shouldn’t have the right to vote

Posted by grimace on 01/19/2010 @ 09:45 PM

I have more faith in Lady Gaga than I do in the Obama Administration. At least I can count on her to be fucked up, and wear tv screens on her face. All I can count on Obama to do is break all his campaign promises, and be randomly inappropriate. Hope, and change! As long as you hoped for mediocrity, and by change you meant "I hope I get paid in coins". So much for Iraq, and Afghanistan. And Guantanamo. And health care. And don't ask don't tell. And the middle class. And prosecuting Bush for war crimes. Or whatever. I can't even remember all his broken promises at this point. Don't get me wrong. All the Democrats in the House and Senate are worse morons and should kill themselves. I do find it ironically amusing that by dying, Ted Kennedy murdered his life's work. But, whatever. My life's work is a cartoon about animate containers, and websites. So hopefully I won't get trapped in the art section of the library.

I've been breaking out in hives all over my hands the past few days. That only happens when I'm either really stressed out, and the thought of losing the FedEx Pope forever is really getting to me. But, for real. There are few things that have been constants in my life, especially the last decade. Conan was about all that was left. Conan, and jerkin it. Never at the same time. Well, there was that one time Jim Gaffigan took his shirt off. But I was drunk. Speaking of which, have you ever drank whiskey in the bathtub? Overrated. The last week during all this drama, I feel like somebody shot my brother in the face. Cheney, looking at you. Wouldn't be surprised if he was behind this. "Say Jay, wheeeeeeeeehhh, you'll be greeted as a liberator of late night programming." "Yeah well okay why not have you heard about this"

And now for a video interlude about how I feel right now.

Lost comes back in two weeks, so I have to go be annoying now, and make all my friends wonder why they're my friends. Oh, right. They gone. Never mind. By the way, other stuff white people like: stuffwhitepeoplelike.com . Ha ha, we're so predictable! Fuck off.

By the way, hey Jeff Zucker. Thanks again for ruining tv. Hey. Hey Jeff Zucker. fuck you Jeff Zucker

Everybody watch Community before it gets hell of sympathy cancelled, or I will murder you. 'Cept you Gaga, we cool.




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